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Video Participation Opportunity … Deadline 10/15

Patrick Amunson attended his first KAAN conference this summer and found it to be life-changing. Amunson, a videographer, decided to give back by collecting stories of others equally impacted.

Thanks to his generous offer, we are excited to provide this opportunity to share your unique stories and experiences at KAAN. This video is especially timely as we head into our 20th year of improving the lives of adoptees and their families by connecting the community and providing opportunities for dialogue, education, and support.

Help us spread the word of the difference participating in our conference community can make for adoptees of all ages (and also their parents, children, spouses, siblings, and others).


Here are the details …

PURPOSE: Assemble a short promotional video capturing the value of KAAN in the lives of the community.

DRIVING QUESTIONS: Why do you go to KAAN? What difference has KAAN made in your life? Why is KAAN important to the community? What does KAAN mean to you?


  1. Film yourself in Landscape Mode answering any or all of the questions above.

  2. Upload your video by October 15, 2017 to our special Google Drive link.

  3. Questions? Contact Patrick Amunson at or KAAN at


  1. Don’t feel like everything needs to be perfect … Patrick will pull from everyone’s submissions to craft the overall message.

  2. Avoid places where you are backlit or there is a lot of background noise. Be creative in locations, though … different kinds of backgrounds and times of day will make the overall video more visually interesting.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ All submissions become the property of KAAN and are not guaranteed inclusion (though we plan to involve as many as possible). KAAN and Amunson Audio reserve the right to edit based on length, quality, and effectiveness.

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