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Founded in 1998, KAAN is an all-volunteer organization that is a special project under The Foundation for Enhancing Communities, fiscal sponsor. Our mission is to improve the lives of Korean-born adoptees by connecting the community and providing opportunities for dialogue, education, and support.

The KAAN Conference

The annual KAAN conference moves to locations across the country, engaging the local community as well as our core of repeat attendees. With a primary objective of providing affordable, meaningful resources and information, the conference unites us all in a space of respect and commitment to growth.

  • Adoptees discuss common issues, educate others, and mentor younger adoptees

  • Participants are inspired to engage in hometown organizations that build community and address needs

  • Educators, authors, filmmakers, advocates, and activists find an audience for their work

  • Family and friends gain insight into the adoptee experience

  • Adoptees share their experiences in the exploration of race and identity experience

  • Attendees participate in ongoing education & community building 

  • Movements are enacted for change 

Most valuable, though, are the lifelong friendships that grow out of our conferences. Our network fully achieves its purpose when people experience community rather than feel alone. 

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KAAN 2022: What is your favorite memory from attending KAAN?
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