Meet Your AC Member: Katie Bozek

Name: Katie Bozek

Gender Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Where do you call home? Grand Rapids, MI, USA

Tell us a little about yourself. How do you spend your time outside of KAAN?

Along with serving KAAN, I am a licensed marriage and family therapist and run a small private practice serving my local community. I provide mental health services for kids, teens, couples, families, and individuals across the lifespan. Before being involved with KAAN, I was involved with our national and state MFT professional associations.

I also serve as a board member for the West Michigan Asian American Association (WMAAA), and the Michigan Board of Counseling. I believe community work at the local level is an important piece to supporting community work at the national level, and vice versa.

2019 WMAAA Gala with other Board Members.

Outside of work, I enjoy going to my children's various sporting events and ballet performances. Most days you will find me out on a trail on a run, or in the kitchen baking (have to balance them out!)

Bozek family at a family wedding this past year.

What is your role on the Advisory Council?

President/Executive Director.

How did you hear about KAAN? How did you decide to get involved in the