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Introducing Nathan Roudabush to the Finance Team

By Nathan Roundabush

Hello KAAN community,

My name is Nathan Roudabush (he, him, his). I am a Korean adoptee and was born in Taegu South Korea. I was adopted at 8 months from White Lilly Orphanage after which I lived and grew up in Lowell, MI. I was born with a double cleft palate and was fortunate enough to have the medical treatment needed to address these issues throughout my upbringing. I now live in Lowell with my wife (Megan) and two boys (Jackson and Parker). We are avid glampers and love to travel creating unique experiences for our boys. I am currently the AVP, Retail Systems Risk Management Officer at Union Bank.

I have dealt with the complexities of adoption by managing it on my own along with the physical abnormalities that came with a double Cleft palate (and not always doing it very well by the way). After my boys were born, my desire to find a connection with my heritage grew. This started with finding connections through groups within my employment and then within the community. I found KAAN through this and have been participating as much as I can throughout the years. I was on one of the original development teams for the Grand Rapids KAAN Conference.

I am super excited to become a part of the KAAN finance team. I really look forward to being a part of this influential organization. This group has allowed me to see and know that there are more people out there like me. Not only those who look like me but are having the same feeling, struggles, and successes. Adoption is complex and messy, but it’s a part of who I am, and knowing that I am not alone is a huge part of why KAAN means so much to me.

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