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Many Thanks to Erica Gehringer!

KAAN would like to thank Erica Gehringer for her service on the Advisory Council (AC) for the past two years. Erica's goal in serving on the council was to bring to light race, gender, and sexuality issues within the adoptee community. After attending several KAAN conferences, Erica was approached to serve on the AC. She has led many sessions during past KAAN conferences on the LGBTQ+ experiences of adoptees as well as the importance of centering race in conversations related to adoption. Additionally, Erica is passionate about the power of education to transform people's lives and as a result, has played a key role on KAAN's Education Committee. Erica will be leaving the AC for now, but will still continue to be involved in KAAN.

Join us in thanking Erica for her service!

Stephen Johnson

Erica - Thank you for your commitment and service to our community! You are a breath of fresh air, a joy to work alongside, and a much needed voice for adoptees. Don't be a stranger. :)

Aeriel Ashlee

From the moment I met Erica, she brought a smile to my face. She’s funny, kind, thoughtful, and a true leader; using her position on the KAAN Advisory Council to advocate for greater inclusion in our community. It was an absolute privilege and delight to work with Erica on the KAAN AC these past few years. Thanks for your service and vision, Erica! In solidarity, Aeriel

Katie Bozek

I first met Erica at KAAN 2016 when we spoke on a panel together. Erica is articulate, thoughtful and well-versed in speaking with and connecting with adoptees and families. She has given much of her time, talents, and insights to KAAN and the AC. I have appreciated her insight and dedication to KAAN over the years, and wish her the best in her new endeavors.

Alyson Yost

Erica, thank you for all your time and dedication to the KAAN Community. Your hard work was very much appreciated. I hope to continue to see you at conferences.

Kim McKee

Throughout her time on the Advisory Council, I appreciated Erica’s enthusiasm to connect with adoptees at the conference from facilitating sessions to volunteering at registration or the bookstore.

Mike Burlbaugh

I so appreciate Erica’s contribution over the last 3 years. She brought such enthusiasm, a sharp sense of humor, and – most importantly - an unwavering commitment to understanding and inclusion. KAAN has truly benefited from her service.

Kyle Ashlee

Erica, I’ve always been a huge fan. As soon as I discovered that you were a fellow Michigan Wolverine, I knew that we would be friends. It has been such a joy working together on the Education Committee. I admire your tenacity in honoring and amplifying all marginalized voices in everything you do. It motivates and inspires me to do this in my work as well. Thank you!

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