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Meet Your AC Member: Jen Neis

Name: Jen Neis

Gender Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Where do you call home? Minneapolis, MN, USA

Tell us a little about yourself. How do you spend your time outside of KAAN?

I am a freelance Art Director. When I'm not working I am spending my time hanging out with my 2 boys, Jee and Min as well as my husband Erik. We all love to ski & snowboard in the winter and hang out at the lake in the summer. The boys like to cook (I'm not so great in the kitchen). We all enjoy traveling.

What is your role on the Advisory Council?


How did you hear about KAAN? How did you decide to get involved in the AC?

I can't remember exactly where I heard about KAAN, but at the time I didn't realize it was something I could attend as an AP. When I became aware I could attend, I jumped online and just made the deadline in the nick of time. Our lives haven’t been the same since. KAAN has been so monumental for us as parents that I wanted to help the organization if anything was needed. A friend encouraged me to apply for the AC, and here I am.

How many KAAN conferences have you attended?

I have attended 2 conferences in Minneapolis, and one virtual. So I'm pretty new.

What issues/topics related to adoption are you most interested in? (e.g., What types of topics have you presented on or attended at previous KAAN conferences?)

Honestly, all the sessions I have attended have helped me in many different ways. I like attending sessions and being surprised or enlightened by them. Every persons truth and experience gives me a new perspective and gives me things to think about as I work to be better as a parent and to the community.

What do you love most about the KAAN community?

I have met so many amazing people at KAAN and I look forward to meeting many more. I love the feeling of family the KAAN community has.

What a fun or random fact people might not know about you?

I used to show dogs in high school and after college.

Anything else you'd like to share with the KAAN community?

Thank you for letting adoptive parents participate in the KAAN community. It's an honor to meet so many wonderful people and be part of this strong community.

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