Introducing Amanda Bomster-Jabs to the Education Committee!

We are so excited to announce a new addition to KAAN's Education Committee. Please join us in giving a warm welcome to Amanda, who has shared a bit about herself below.

Hi, my name is Amanda Bomster-Jabs and I’m a transracial Korean adoptee. I grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, and at the moment reside in Los Angeles. I went to school for Illustration and currently create art reflecting on my relationship with my birth family. I heard many positive things about KAAN from other Korean adoptees that they felt that it’s been a great resource for bringing adoptees together, as well as bringing adoptee perspectives to the forefront. I decided to join the Education Committee because I feel that helping to spread more information about adoption and the adoptee experience is something that is important and would be rewarding to be a part of. I feel that it’s so important for adoptees to have a space like the KAAN blog to share their stories because right now there are few places to do so. Also, I feel that KAAN has a sensibility and understanding about the complexities of adoption, which provides a safe space for adoptees to be vulnerable with their feelings and experiences. I think that it’s important for adoptees and their families to hear a wider variety of stories, rather than only one narrative. The adoptee experience is very complex and the stories we tell are important for reflecting that.

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