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How #KAAN2016 Meets the Needs of … Adult Adoptees Who Are New to the Adoption Community

This post is one in a series highlighting the ways our #KAAN2016 Conference, scheduled for June 24-26 in Pittsburgh, PA,  provides a wonderful place for education, dialogue, and support for various members of the adoption community.



I thought to myself: There’s no other place like this.

Now, as a member of the Advisory Council and frequent speaker for KAAN, I still love hearing from those who step into KAAN for the first time. Some arrive apprehensive, then become cautiously optimistic, and, by the end of the conference, tell me that it’s one of the most amazing experiences of their life. It’s a place where you’re not alone, even if you came alone, which many do.



  1. One of the hardest aspects of being a Korean adoptee is feeling alone and misunderstood. At KAAN, you won’t be alone. Many will understand and have gone through similar experiences.

  2. Whatever your feelings are about being adopted and/or Korean, there’s a place for you at KAAN.

  3. We value those coming to KAAN for the first time and provide opportunities to meet other first-timers. We also will provide a downtime room for those who just want some space or break. You won’t have to worry about where to sit at meals either. We’ll have a place for you!


MY SHORT LIST OF RECOMMENDED SESSIONS Click here for full schedule and details. There are over thirty sessions and support forums, with general sessions open to all adults and adult-adoptee-only sessions in every block. We also offer youth and childcare programming for younger adoptees and siblings or children of adoptees.

LGBTQ Adoptees and Allies: Open Forum co-sponsored by the Ellie Conant Memorial Fund Michael Burdan, Kate Zielaskowski MS, Alex Myung Wager

“You’re Asian, You Don’t Play Football”: A Discussion on Masculinity in Asian America Benjamin Kim Oser , Noah Sinangil

Starting the Race Conversation Katie Bozek Ph.D., LMFT, Erica Gehringer, Michelle Green


I’ll be looking for you at #KAAN2016!


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