The Most Surprising Thing I Learned While Filming the Side by Side Project

by Glenn Morey

“As a child, I often dreamt about what I saw the night I was abandoned.”

“Mixed-race kids were seen as human refuse, a scourge on their culture.”

“I was in the orphanage for the undesirable children. I was not adoptable.”

“Our extended relatives made it clear. My sister and I were “add-ons.”

“Growing up, my brother and I felt like we were on display, in a funny way.”

“My mom’s comment to me was, “You should be dating your own kind.”

“It made me embarrassed, that I had to explain my existence to other people.”

“I never really discussed racism with my parents. I didn't want to relive it.”

“My birth mother has remarried, and her husband can’t know that I exist.”

“That pain never goes away. I take my pain, and I put anger over it.”

“My mother thinks that I’m happy all the time, not how I have struggled.”

“A feeling of detachment, and an inability to connect with anybody.”