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#KAAN2018…Liz Raleigh

Liz Raleigh, author of Selling Transracial Adoption: Families, Markets, and the Color Line ( tempress/titles/2449_reg.html), hopes that her presentation at #KAAN2018 about the latest research on transracial/transnational adoption will help the audience better understand the implications and applications of the research. Understanding the industry of adoption can help us better care for our community.

A self-described “super morning person” who gets up around 5:15 am each, Liz said best self-care tip is doing zumba four times a week.

Looking head to KAAN’s 40th conference in 2038, Liz said, “I hope that KAAN is still doing the same sort of advocacy and outreach. It will change, though, as a generation of Korean adoptees comes of age under a different racial environment. There will be fewer American Korean adoptees in general, so making bridges between Korean adoptees and other transnational adoptees will be paramount.”

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