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Important KAAN Announcement

Dear KAAN community:

I’d like to announce my intent to resign as executive director and president of KAAN effective this fall (after this year’s conference is wrapped up).

It has been an incredible honor to serve in this role for the last eight years. As we approach our 20th anniversary, I thank Chris Winston, Eyoungsoo Park, and the other founding leaders for their hard work and dedication in forging this meaningful organization. I am proud to have been part of KAAN’s recent growth, from the development of a larger staff and leadership body to additional programming, expanded social media outreach, and a more stable financial situation.

I would also like to thank all of the staff and leaders who have worked with me since 2010, especially the following, who have volunteered many, many hours to help keep KAAN strong and relevant:

Scottie Allen, Aeriel A. Ashlee, Uhriel Edgardo Bedoya, Michael Burdan Brenda Burlbaugh, Michael Burlbaugh, Suzanne d’Aversa, Sara Campbell, Ellie Conant, Connect-a-Kid, Jennifer Cox, Martha Crawford Maggie Dinneen, Michael Dinneen, Jennifer Fero, Erica Gehringer, Mark Hagland, Carolyn Hathaway, Eric Hathaway, Ellen Heitzig, Jen Hilzinger, Courtney Huber, Heidi Jaehne, Taneka Hye Wol Jennings Hyaekyung Jo, Stephen David Johnson, KAME, Robin Hong Soon Kim Shane Kim, Grace Ko, SuLyn Loebach. Kimberly McKee. Allen Majors Alex Myung, Katie Jae Naftzger, Lindsay Norman, Benjamin Kim Oser Eyoungsoo Park, Amy Partain, Margie Perscheid, Rachel Hye Youn Rupright Rachael Rutigliano, Carolyn Scholl, Chris Shepard, Sejong Cultural Education, Inc. Selahart, Michael Stanley, Suzanne Switzer, Terra Trevor Kevin Haebeom Vollmers, Sook Wilkinson, Chris Winston. Mark Winston

Big as this list is, the full list of those who have contributed (additional staff, local team members, donors, conference speakers/performers, advertisers, and more) is much longer and would overwhelm this post. Please know that I value all of you.

I would like to particularly thank Michael Stanley, Rachel Hye Youn Rupright, Kimberly McKee, and Carolyn Hathaway for going above and beyond to partner with me in service to KAAN. I treasure our friendships and the ways each of you have taught, inspired, and supported me. I would also like to thank my husband Matt and children Nick and Allison for their encouragement and understanding. 

To all the participants of KAAN: it has been rewarding to hear so many of your stories and to see you find opportunities for dialogue, education, and support through the conference. With many new avenues opening up this year and a strong staff and Advisory Council, now is the perfect time to step back and invite fresh leadership to bring about even more possibilities.

Thank you for this chance to work with all of you and for trusting me with your insights and perspectives. I look forward to future conferences and continued friendship.

In gratitude, Stacy Schroeder Executive Director, KAAN

PS: Stay posted for announcements from the Advisory Council as they prepare for this transition. KAAN’s future is in good hands!

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