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25 Years of KAAN Reflections - Whitney Fritz

As we build up to celebrating our 25th anniversary, we will be sharing reflections from members of the community. In this post, Whitney Fritz, Korean adoptee, partner of an adoptee, and conference presenter, shares some of her experiences with KAAN.

When was the first KAAN conference you attended?

I first attended KAAN Atlanta 2011 when a Facebook friend from Europe mentioned he would be presenting there. I learned about it the night before it began! I drove overnight to get was crazy. I have since been both attendee and presenter.

What has been KAAN's importance to you?

KAAN was the first time in my life I was surrounded by Korean adoptees. Not native Koreans, not white Americans - but people just like me who live everyday in this unique in-between and understand all of the complexities that entails. It's such a unique environment. I had never felt so known and seen. My first KAAN was so life-giving and transformational. Afterwards, I felt encouraged to finally seek out help I had known for a long time I needed but was too afraid to reach for. My therapy journey was arduous but led me to such a happier, healthier place in life. My second KAAN introduced me to my now KAD husband. Together we have enjoyed returning to KAAN as both attendees and presenters. As KAAN celebrates 25 years in 2023, we celebrate 10 years of marriage!

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