Call for Proposals

Selection Process and Criteria

The session selection process is highly competitive. Last year, KAAN received 19 proposals for 10 adoptee-only sessions and 43 proposals for 22 general sessions. For diversity of voices and flexibility of scheduling, KAAN requires that individuals do not submit and are not involved with more than two separate proposals. Incomplete submissions or those received after the deadline may not be considered.  

All proposals are reviewed by a team of KAAN volunteers. When reviewing proposals, the Proposal Review Team will consider the following specific points during the review process:  

  • Does the session title, description, and goals align with the conference theme?

  • Does the session’s topic effectively demonstrate a relevancy and appeal to current issues and perspectives of conference participants?

  • Will the speakers provide new information, knowledge, skills, or resources to participants?

  • How likely will the session format and delivery will allow participants to achieve the stated session goals?

  • Did the Session Lead complete Part I of the Call for Proposal application?

  • Did all speakers attached to a session complete Part II of the Call for Proposal Application?

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