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Welcome to the Korean American Adoptee Adoptive Family Network

Our mission is to enrich the lives of Korean-born adoptees and transracial adoptees, and their families by connecting the community through dialogue, education and support. We are happy you’re here. 


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My First KAAN

I think I can describe KAAN in one word, unbelievably so much better than I expected. I’m not good at counting. I’ve been to IKAA a few times and other Korean adoption conferences around the world and this KAAN event was my favorite because of the sessions. Read more here...

Joy Lieberthal Rho.jpg
25 Years of KAAN Reflections - Joy Lieberthal Rho

As we build up to celebrating our 25th anniversary, we will be sharing reflections from members of the community. In this post, Joy Lieberthal Rho, Korean adoptee, conference presenter, and mental health provider, shares some of her experiences with KAAN. Read more here...

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