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Executive Director Position Announcement

About Us

KAAN established itself in 1998 as the only national, non-profit organization in the United States to support the Korean adoption community. We are under fiscal sponsorship by The Foundation for Enhancing Communities (TFEC). KAAN is an all-volunteer organization. Currently, we have eight Advisory Council members who represent the diversity in the adoption community—adult adoptees, adoptive parents, and spouses/partners of adoptees.

KAAN seeks to improve the lives of adoptees and their families through our annual conference and other services. KAAN believes it is important to bring together all those connected to Korean adoption—especially adoptees, other Koreans and Korean-Americans, and family members through birth, adoption, or marriage—for dialogue, education, and support. KAAN also welcomes members of other adoptive communities who want to share and learn from our common experiences.

The following values are core to KAAN’s mission:

  1. Adoptee-Focused: We foreground adoptee voices, reversing the traditional adoption narrative that places primacy on the experiences and knowledge of adoptive parents.

  2. Empowerment: We inspire and equip stakeholders through our programming, including our annual conference as a nexus for dialogue, education, and support.

  3. Community: We create a welcoming environment that brings people together from across the community, valuing diverse perspectives while cultivating respect and healthy boundaries. We believe this synergy deepens our insights and builds mutually transformative, dignifying relationships, many that last long after the conference.

  4. Lifelong Learning: Adoption is a lifelong journey; the learning simply changes and evolves over time. We offer opportunities for education and growth through access to leading academics, community organizers, authors, activists, advocates, allies, roundtable dialogue, and more. We also highlight creative expressions by adoptee artists, filmmakers, and performers.

  5. Collaboration: We foster authentic relationships with constituent communities and others with similar goals, seeking ways to be stronger together.  

  6. Integrity: We exhibit professionalism, transparency, and honesty as leaders in the transracial, transnational adoption community.

Position Description and Responsibilities

KAAN reached significant milestones and achievements over the past several years, including rapid growth in staff, financial stability, and the expansion of our reach at our annual conference. The organization now stands ready to continue its trajectory towards enhancing our annual conference offerings, widening our impact across diverse constituencies, and increasing financial sustainability. As we move forward, we will focus on developing the vision and tools for transformative work in the adoption community. We seek to propel KAAN to the next level to ensure organizational longevity.

KAAN seeks as dynamic leader to serve as the next Executive Director. This role will set the strategic vision to carry KAAN into the future. The Executive Director will work with the Assistant Director/Secretary, Treasurer, additional key volunteers,, and Advisory Council to grow our programs and financial reserves as well as execute our mission, vision, and values to continue the impactful conference programming and other year round engagement the organization offers to members of the adoption community. The Executive Director will engage with a wide array of stakeholders (e.g. adoptees, adoptive parents, spouses/partners of adoptees, children of adoptees, Korean Americans, birth parents) as they support KAAN’s growth and evolution as an organization. This is an ideal opportunity for an experienced leader to support the organization’s continued growth into its next phase supporting innovative and intentional community building within the adoption community. A chief priority for the Executive Director will be sustaining and growing the organization’s revenue base.

Primary Position Responsibilities

  1. Ensure the financial health of the organization, serving as the primary point of contact with KAAN’s fiscal sponsor, applying for external grant funding and reporting to grant funders; managing fundraising efforts of the Advisory Council, as well as undertaking basic fiscal duties such as reconciling payments and developing an annual organizational budget.  

  2. Work with the Assistant Director/Secretary, Speaker Coordinator, and Registrar to prepare for an annual conference. This work includes, but is not limited to: conference site identification; hotel contract negotiations; execution of letters of agreement with keynote speakers, performers, and session speakers; conference program schedule creation; scholarship distribution to adult adoptees; volunteer management; bookstore set-up; end of conference evaluations; supervision of a youth program.

  3. Work with marketing staff regarding the KAAN contact list, newsletter, website, and social media presence.

  4. Lead quarterly conference calls with the Advisory Council, providing an update to members, and facilitate the annual in-person meeting at the KAAN conference.

  5. Work with the Assistant Director/Secretary to review the current strategic plan (2016-2021) and make revisions based on progress towards our articulated goals.

  6. Respond to general inquiries on behalf of the organization about Korean adoption and adoption-related themes.  

Compensation: This is a part-time, volunteer position with opportunities for a stipend based on fundraising. The position’s workload varies depending on calendar year.

Required Qualifications

  1. Experience working collaboratively and delegating tasks to individuals working in geographically diverse locations

  2. Strong record of conference planning at the local, regional, state, and/or national/international level

  3. Experience in strategic planning to support organizational growth

  4. Strong background in marketing and/or rebranding

  5. Ability to secure external funding (e.g. individual donors or foundation/agency donors) to support the financial health of the organization

  6. Track record of overcoming obstacles in challenging environments

  7. A clear and effective communication style

  8. Demonstrated track record of coalition building and navigating complex power dynamics

  9. Experience working with the Korean adoption community

Preferred Qualifications

  1. Experience working in collaboration with adult adoptees

  2. Experience working in the transnational, transracial adoption community

  3. Demonstrated experience designing and executing strategic fundraising plans that incorporate multiple revenue streams

  4. Experience as the primary external face of an organization

  5. Ability to strategize, work on multiple projects, adjust quickly to shifting priorities, meet deadlines, exercise good judgment, and handle high-pressure situations

How to Apply

Please send your completed application (curriculum vitae/resume, cover letter, three professional references, and vision statement) or any inquiries to Kimberly McKee, KAAN Assistant Director/Secretary, at mckee.kimberly [at] gmail [dot] com. Please note that only specified documents will be reviewed.

Application Deadline: July 1, 2018

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